Customer Comments and Testimonials

Here are a just a few actual customer comments from just a few our many satisfied customers around the globe:

“Hi there, I just want to say that I received my custom engraved order for the watch and it is gorgeous! They did a great job with the engraving, perfect. Thanks again for all of your help last week.” – Jennifer in NY

“Hello, Just wanted to rate your Service!
Shipping: A++++
Packing: A++++
Price: A++++
Service: A+++++++
Watch: A++++
Thank You!!”
Joe in Michigan

“I would like to thank your company for a fast shipment. I ordered a leather belt pouch & a pocket watch. My husband can’t have a phone on his job & as he is an electrician no jewelery either. He loved the pocket watch & holster. Thanks again, will be doing future shopping with you. Very satisfied from North Carolina.”

“I just wanted you to know that my watch arrived yesterday, I wound it up, and it is keeping perfect time! It is almost exactly what I wanted. It came safely, in good condition, and was just what I ordered. You can mark me in the “satisfied w/ a smile” category! Thank you!” – Barbara in OR

“The pocketwatch chain I ordered for my husband is gorgeous and seems very well made. I’m amazed at how quickly it arrived as well. Thank you so much!” – Kelly in CA

“WOW – thanks for the great service and communication!!! Fastest shipping ever!” – Genise in NE

“I just wanted to thank you for providing me with an amazing pocket watch. It took only a week for the processing/shipping of the pocket watch (to Canada) and I am/was very pleased with how accurate the photos on the site are. Thanks again!” – Jessica in Canada

“I am delighted with the watch dome I ordered. The shipping was so fast I couldn’t believe it. Thanks so much …” – Judy in MI

“Today I received one on your large pocket watch pouches and it works. I have my grandfathers Waltham railroad watch, stem wind, lever set, vintage 1883; very large, thick, heavy. This watch fits snugly because of diameter. No more pocket carry. Thanks so much for offering a pouch this size…. No reply necessary: just a thank you.” – Carl in MO

“I received my watch today (after ordering in on Thursday – 3 days). Absolutely Awesome. The watch is terrific. Perfect weight. Thank you so much.” – Ari in CA

“Your shipment arrived yesterday in excellent condition. The case and chain are fine quality. Delivery was fast. Thank you for the great service. I intend to recommend you to friends. Looking forward to future business with you.” – Anthony in MO

“… I wanted to say thank you for all the assistance you gave me as I did some searching for a new watch. Your responses to me about different makes and the reputations, quality and service that I might need- all helped me to make a choice of the Camero RR in chrome. I received the package yesterday and have had the chance to wear it today at school. Being a teacher (heavy equipment operation) and spending a lot of time outdoors, I have missed having a watch since I retired my other pocket watch– I look forward to years of service from both the watch and you folks. Oh, and my 11 year old likes the new watch too– I have an old Elgin and a Leonard, both of which go back to the 1900 time frame, another pocket watch from the 30’s and an Andre’ Rivalle from the 80’s that my sons will inherit, and now, a Camero.” – Tom in NY

“Received my order today. The pocket watch boxes and bags are great. Also the polishing cloth. Thanks a lot.” – George in GA

“Thank you for the watch. I am very pleased with it. Your effort is deeply appreciated” – Chew in Singapore

“Happily, I have received my order. And I will have to say I am quite impressed with the service on your part.” – Vincent in CA (3756WRR)

“Hello! I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you!! …This is great customer service, and I appreciate it. You’ll be hearing from me again just as soon as I can save a few more pennies! Got my eye on a few little gems you have!” – Joe in MI

“WOW. Next day delivery. You’re the best! Happy Holidays” – Steven in CA

“We received the pocket watch today, (we only ordered it yesterday afternoon!) and are VERY pleased with it. It is beautiful. We are very impressed with it and with your fast shipping!” – Mary in CA

“Like last year, thanks for the great, fast service. The (CH3566) arrived Saturday and is a beautiful assembly of exposed gears and parts which I’ll enjoy, and you’re right, because of the “presentation” their personalities are different…. Thanks again, will be checking your site periodically for new, interesting stuff… Roger in SC

“I received the dome I ordered today and it arrived in perfect condition and looks great with my great grandfather’s railroad watch inside. Thank you for such great service and I am sure we will do business again.” – Bill in NJ (331brh)

“Just wanted to thank you for a great job on my Hampden sidewinder. The replacement hand matches perfectly and the new crystal is great. I really appreciate the good work and attention to my watch. I’ll be sending another one of mine in sometime soon for some other work.” – Jonathan in MA

“My boss loved it so it was all worth it! and it arrived on time (bad pun intended).” – Adam in DC (CH3789W)

“I received the 5 pocket watches and they look great. Thank you for getting them out so quickly..” – Rob in NJ (BEL12039W & CH3780W)

“Thank you for sending the new watch… it is working perfectly… Whenever I buy another pocket watch it will surely be from your company” – Gabriel in CA (CH3595)

“I recently purchased a Charles Hubert Classic (Hunter) pocketwatch from you as a gift for my son for an excellent school year. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I couldn’t examine the watch directly, but I must compliment you on a perfectly executed transaction all around. The watch was easy to buy, the international shipping was fast and easy, and the watch is top quality for its price. Thought you should know you have another happy customer! My son loves it too….” – Mark in Canada (CH3575W)

“Hi! I received my Southern Pacific Lines watch fob yesterday and it is just beautiful! Thanks for such a high quality item and very quick service! You can expect more business from me in the near future for sure! Your totally satisfied customer” – Bob in NH

“Hi, I have received my watch today and I’m very happy with it and your service. Will be ordering others in the future and passing on your service to anyone who is looking for a pocket watch. Thanks again” – Anthony in Australia (CH3713)

“I received my watch this morning. It is beautiful. Many thanks for your prompt and courteous service” – Charles in Arkansas (CH3566)

“Just want to let you know that my Charles Hubert, Premium Collection Gold Plated, 17J (Item No. ch3756-gr) arrived, “safe and sound,” today. And, I absolutely love it. I wish to express my gratitude for the opportunity that you have extended to me to own this classy looking pocketwatch at such an AMAZINGLY LOW PRICE! I wish to also add that the shipping was LIGHTNING FAST and the customer service by way of your email correspondences was most impressive, as well. I will definitely be back for more. All the best” – Joel in Kansas

“I received the pouch, and it fits perfectly. I’m very pleased with both the pouch and your service. All the best” – John in Virginia (3572-2bn)

“…The parcel just arrived, and I am most pleased with the outcome…. I am very impressed with your business procedures, and the excellent packaging. This will not be the only watch I purchase from you – I have a collection of about 30 items so far. I have written to many friends (some are 200 members of my old school in England), and told them of my placing an order with you and promising to report back. Thanks once again” – Ken in Canada (CH3734)

“I received the order of 10 Charles-Hubert 3576W‘s that were shipped out from the warehouse. I checked them all out, gave them all a few twist to watch them spring into action and they all looked great. Thank you for all of your help. Should I find the need to start collecting pocket watches, I have your website bookmarked for future business. Thanks again” – Andy in IL

“…Just a short message to say I’m quite pleased with my new (old) B.W. Raymond Elgin watch. Keeps excellent time, looks great and is fine company for my other watches. Thanks” – Elmo in KS

“I have received the pocket watch this morning! Thanks so much for your excellent service and fast shipment! I am thrilled with the watch, it’s beautiful and was packaged perfectly. I emailed your competition at the same time after quotes on shipping and I haven’t heard from them yet! Again, thanks so much, your service cannot be faulted, I will certainly be back in the future if I am after more watches etc” – Cassandra in Australia, (CH3536).

“…The watch runs good, looks good, and all is well….. Thank you, very much, one and all.” – Ken in California, (CH3756WR).

“Hello to everyone at PWS! Just writing to let you know that I just received my Charles-Hubert, Paris pocket watch, and am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for the wonderful site you provide, I will be recommending you to all of my friends!” – Jonathan in California, (CH3780W).

“…I really appreciate your sending out the second stand so that I’d have it in time for Christmas. My son was very happy with it. (It was perfect for his handsome silver pocketwatch.)” – Joanne in NJ, (45-0200s).

“My husband’s watch arrived this morning- it’s lovely. Thank you for your help and enjoy your holidays..” – Allison in NY (CH3566W).

“Thank you for the Illinois Bunn, it arrived safe and Its great, I am very pleased with it…” – Steve in UK.

“Who would have thought that I could fine the perfect leather case for my expensive Dupont lighter at a pocketwatch website. Well, I did. Wes sells these really high quality leather cases for watches, and they are superb, which fit perfectly for my lighter. Sometimes I have to think outside the box and be creative. Thanks Wes. Excellent product and service.” – Larry in Wisconsin, (3572-1bn, 3572-2bn).

“I received my pocket watch Illinois on September 27…. Thank you for the service” – Louis in Canada.

“Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated. It was a pleasure doing business.” – Juan in Maryland, (CH3780G).

“The package arrived safely today… The watch is beautiful, I know he’ll just love it!! Thank you for all your help, it is much appreciated! – Karla in Washington.

“Thank you! I’m sure he will love this!” – Ana in Massachusetts, (CH3575W).

“I ordered the Swiss RR Style 17j pocket watch from your online store the week before last, and I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with it. The quality seems really high for the price and I have never had a mechanical watch that keeps such perfect time (so far, it seems only to gain about 3 seconds a day!)….Thanks very much for your help. And thanks for the good service and great product. I just ordered one of your leather watch holsters today.” – Richard in Hawaii (6497G).

“Just wanted to drop you a line & thank you for my watch. You weren’t kidding about the priority mail, I received it on the following Monday..” – Johnny in Texas, (CH3575W).

“Picked up the watch at the post office this afternoon. Looks and runs great! Thanks for doing such a great job. I’ll have to decide if I’m going to display it or actually carry it. You may be hearing from me for one of your glass display domes.” – John in Pennsylvania.

“The mail arrived today with the straps, and the dome, and the pouch and the polishing cloths. Almost all is now well with the world !!! Thanks a lot for the fast service. I’m keeping an eye on your website for the watches you have. I hope we can make a contact again in the future.” – Joe in Maryland.

“(The) watch arrived in fine shape. Thanks for the prompt service.” – Joe in Virginia (6497G).

“Thank you for your quick response… I have bought 6 of your domes and I’m sure that in the future I will get more… I have gotten domes from other places, but I like yours better..” – Dennis in Pennsylvania.

“My order arrived today and everything was as you explained & promised. You know in our fast paced world we are quick to show fault or to complain, but very slow to praise a job well done. Well you are a quality person and I am proud to do business with you and your company–you are a credit to retail sales.” – Scotty in Mississippi.

“Received the watch this P.M. It started right up and I’ll be using it for several days to keep an eye on it. Mahalo nui (thank you very much)…. Aloha” – Larry in Hawaii.

“Order received. The chains look really good.” – Pat in Minnesota. (WC12SST).

“Just a quick note to let you folks know how much I appreciate your fast service !! I ordered a book just a few days ago and got it today !! I have ordered in the past and the service was just as fast. It is appreciated.” – Roy in Oregon (PG27).

“I got the holder today and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much. I appreciate your attentiveness and quick delivery.” – Tony in New York.

“My husband loved his watch. I bought the first one for our 25th Wedding Anniversary, and the second on that I just bought was for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for making everything okay. Have a blessed day” – Jenn in Virginia.

“I want to thank you for such great service, and excellent follow thru with the purchase of my watch. It did arrive today at the post office, and I have a very happy husband as a result…. Thank you again for all of your service, and feel certain that both I and my husband will provide the best form of promotion for a business, word-of-mouth.” – Robyn in Ohio (CH3575W).

“Just wanted to write and say ‘thanks’ for the watches. Absolutely wonderful! If anyone asks, you will surely get an A-1 recommendation from me.” – Rick in Illinois.

“Thank you so much. I actually received it today. It is just what I needed. I will be sure to keep you in mind for future orders and let others know of your great service. Thanks again.” – Anna in New Jersey.

“Thank you very much for your quick response and shipping my order so fast ! I really do appreciate it very much! – Leslie in Connecticut, (WC12SSL, 331PTH).

“Received my order today. Can I say thanks for a first class product & first class service from across the pond!!!!” – Colin in UK.

“I quickly acknowledged the receipt of the Hampden watch without noting you did an excellent job. I have put both watches with a description of their history in a display case and they look great. Thanks for the good work – happy holidays!”- Jim in Minnesota (regarding pocket watch repairs).

“I received my bezel back with the new crystal in good shape. It’s a beautiful watch now! …I’ve enjoyed doing business with you and will keep your business card handy in case any of my other watches need attention. Your response was very prompt and your cost very reasonable. Thanks for your service!” – John in Missouri

“The watch arrived today.. Looks really nice… Cheers.” – Steve in Colorado.