Favorite Horology Links

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Pocketwatcher – Offers a huge stock of antique and railroad pocket watches, chains, fobs, t-shirts, and accessories.  Master watchmaker handles all sorts of pocket watch repairs at reasonable costs.

The Village Watchmaker – Home of the exclusive S. Paul Watch Company.

CCWatchmaker.com – This is a free and open web site dedicated to helping all watch repairers in finding obsolete vintage and antique repair parts.

NAWCC – National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

NAWCC Chapter 149  Early American Watch Club Databases – Get the latest research your Hamilton, Hampden, Rockford and South Bend watches, courtesy of NAWCC Chapter 149!

Tascione’s – Learn Watch and Clock Repair Fast at Home with Bob Tascione’s easy to understand Watch and Clock Courses.

Web Horology Message Board – Web Horology Message Board, post your information requests here!