Antique Pocket Watches – Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not call us for antique pocket watch information and/or values.
We do not sell, research, nor offer appraisals or values for used, vintage, or antique watches.
The information provided is for reference only.

We are not staffed to answer calls for antique pocket watch information and appraisals.
Please see our watch information section, or visit the NAWCC Message Board if you need further assistance.

A special note about antique and vintage pocket watch collecting.

Q: How old is my pocket watch?

Q: How do I open a pocket watch case?

Q: How much is my pocket watch worth?

Q: How can I tell what size a pocket watch is?

Q: How do I set the time on my pocket watch?

Q: How often should I wind my pocket watch?

Q: Can my antique pocket watch be “over wound”?

Q: My pocket watch needs to be serviced. Who can fix it?

Q: I am not comfortable sending my watch through the mail. What should I do?

Q: How should I package my watch for transit?

Q: How often should an antique pocket watch be serviced?

Q: What is the difference between a $40 cleaning job, and a more expensive cleaning job?

Q: What kind of time keeping can be expected with an antique pocket watch?

Q: What is a Railroad Watch?

Q: Where can I get more information?