“How a Hamilton Watch Deserves to be Treated”

-Excerpt from Hamilton’s “The Timekeeper” circa 1920s

The following is some what dated, but most of which still holds true today. It not only holds true for Hamilton pocket watches, but for nearly all of the antique American pocket watches. In the day this was written, most jewelers employed qualified watchmakers. Also, the animal oils they used were not as advanced as the synthetic lubricants used today, which extends the Cleaning and Oiling interval to 3 to 5 years, depending on use.

“The best way to carry a watch is on a “T” chain in your vest pocket, just as your grandfather carried his. But whatever style of chain you wear, the main point is to keep the watch in a secure place and where it will not be knocked every time you make a move.

“See that your watch pocket is free from dirt and lint. Avoid opening the back of the case, and when you do let it be in a place where there is no dust or moisture.

“Ask the jeweler….

“If anything is the matter with your timekeeper, do not try to put it in order yourself or meddle with the works, but show it to your jeweler at once. All jewelers know the Hamilton and if a part is broken they are sure to have an interchangeable part with which to replace it. All Hamilton parts are standardized. It is well to insist on genuine Hamilton material.

“It is better, too, to let a jeweler set your watch. He charges nothing for this service and is always glad to render it.

“Best results are obtained by winding your watch at a regular hour, preferably in the morning, say when you sit down to breakfast. By doing so you better prepare your watch for the jolting of daytime use.

“Your watch is better off in your pocket at night than under a pillow. In fact, if it holds the same position it had in the daytime, the pocket is the best place for a watch. There is always danger that if put under a pillow it will be dropped on the floor in some unguarded moment.

Cleaning and Oiling….

“Ask a jeweler to look at your timekeeper about every eighteen months as it should be cleaned and oiled at least once in that time. If possible go to the man who sold it to you as he is always interested in its performance.

“The jeweler who sells Hamilton expects to give with it Hamilton service. He will gladly adjust the watch to your personal habits and see that it keeps time for you in a satisfactory manner.

“The Guarantee….

“The personal guarantee made by the Hamilton Watch Company is made also by the jeweler from whom you buy. This guarantee is nothing less than complete satisfaction to you, which is the broadest possible guarantee.”